The Safest Way To Store and Package Your Valuables


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Self-Storage is a safe, convenient and economical way to store things. Few realize how important choosing the correct amount of space really is. For instance, if you need to frequently use a storage compartment, a large area may be warranted in order to move around freely.

However, if a room is chosen and not large enough, finding what is needed will be hard to do and time, and energy, will be wasted. Regardless of the intended use, here are some useful suggestions to keep your treasures safely tucked away.

Plan For Your Space – No matter what you need a storage unit for you will need to plan out the space for maximum usage:
1. Outline your storage room.
2. Remember that it is easier to stack uniformed boxes.
3. Label your boxes so that they may be easily identified.
4. Load with heavy objects on the bottom and the lighter on top.
5. Put items that will be used often in front. If possible make a walkway.
6. Leave a bit of space between the wall and the stored items to allow for air flow.
7. Package all boxes and other objects close as possible to avoid moisture accumulation.
8. If possible place your items on pallets or boards to safeguard against dampness and pests.

Prevent Incidents And Save Time – For safety and convenience purposes a few key precautions should be taken:
1. Make a record of the stored objects and put the itemized list in a secured place.
2. Number each box, list contents on each side and seal with sturdy tape.
3. Use a quality lock for your space because they are much harder to cut, break or rust.

Secure Fragile Items- All fragile items should be marked as so, and wrapped in packaging materials such as newspaper, packing paper, bubble wrap or cloth. Also, to insure that your fragile items are secure, consider the following packaging methods:
1. Layer wrapped bowls and cups according to size.
2. Place wrapped glasses near the top of the boxes.
3. Position saucers, platters and plates on their edges.
4. Fill every space with packing material to avoid the shifting of items.
5. Wrap all glass and dish items individually in news or packing paper.
6. Label every box that contains fragile materials like that of glass and ceramics fragile and place those boxes on top of any other stored container.
7. Mirrors and glass frames should be taped (painters tape), wrapped, sides padded and stacked on end.

Pest Control Preventative Methods – Nothing would be more awful than to store your items then find upon returning to them that there have been pests rummaging throughout your unit. Therefore, to help ward off pests, utilize these suggestions.
1. Do not store live plants.
2. Perishable food should not be stored.
3. Clean stains and residue off of clothing.
4. Stains and crumbs should be cleaned from furniture before storing to avoid attracting pests.
5. Jarred and canned items are safe but opened and resealed items will attract pests.
6. All kitchen appliances should be thoroughly cleaned, dried and stored with doors slightly open.
7. Before storing anything, make certain that there are no bugs in or on the boxes, or transport systems.

Safe guarding your precious items are top priority here, therefore it is imperative to plan for your storage unit and to secure those valuables. Without taking the proper precautions unnecessary disasters are bound to occur, which in turn will make the experience unpleasant. When the aforementioned suggestions are utilized, the experience will be a satisfying one.

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