Why are More Americans Moving?


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For many years, the American Dream was symbolic of material prosperity and stability. It was very common for homeowners to raise their children in the first home they purchased while building memories to last a lifetime.

However, as the national economy declined, so did the traditional ideals of prosperity and stability. This shift has changed the way Americans view home ownership, and has caused them to adapt to a new American Dream, prosperity and flexibility.
This is seen more keenly when it comes to the rise in relocating individuals and families. In 2012, a new Census Bureau report showed that 16.9 million people moved between counties over the last 5 years. Texas is just one of the state that is drawing families in search of making a future investment in their families. Below are 4 reasons why more Americans are joining the domestic migration:

• Job Opportunities
• Work-related moves
• Bigger and better homes
• Easier to sell homes because housing prices are increasing

1. Job Opportunities – Job growth can play a huge part in why Americans are more apt to relocate to a new city. This is definitely one factor that should be considered when making such a momentous decision. Both Fort Worth and Dallas are tied at 3 percent job growth. These are very promising numbers for planning out the most beneficial and financially sound environment for your family.

2. Work-related Moves – According to chiefexcutive(dot)net, the top 10 states that are best for business includes Texas as #1 and Georgia as #10. Each states boast of excellent taxation and regulation statutes; workforce quality; and living quality. With more companies expanding to business friendly states, more families will follow.

3. Bigger and Better Homes – New homeowners moving to the Lone Star State are encouraged to hire Dependable Movers in Houston, Fort Worth, or any number of thriving cities in Texas. With a slew of large home to choose from, the idea of buying more house for less has great appeal.
In addition, Fort Worth came in as the number one Best Buy City to invest and buy homes. Housing prices are considered at least 20 percent below the actual value in this vibrant city, which is one of the attractions for families who are looking to capitalize on this housing goldmine. Some of these homes fall in the category of mini-mansions at about 3,300 sq. feet for under $180, 000.

4. Much Easier to Sell Your Homes – One of the biggest draw backs for homeowners regarding home sales has been a slumping housing market. However, fear is being replaced with hope and optimism due to a healthier market.
Again, Texas has come in as one of the top 5 states with the best market for resell home values. Coming in as #2 on the list, it is slated as having the greatest potential for home growth. This spells good news for both real estate agents, as well as homebuyers who are relocating locally and cross country.
Now that the migration freeze appears to be dissolving with the recession, the housing industry can expect to see better times ahead, which makes relocating much easier for families in search of a brighter future.

J. Bell is a freelance writer and small business owner. She contributes this article as a way to highlight the promising future of families considering relocation. Finding Dependable Movers in Houston, Fort Worth, Georgia, or any other city of their choice is just one bit of helpful advice to make their transition seamless.

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